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Auto Fix Buddy launched its ever-expanding database of car repair specialists in Ohio, Maryland, and Georgia. The Canadian website allows consumers to compare local mechanics based on location, pricing, and reviews.

Auto Fix Buddy, a Canadian-based auto repair comparison website, launched its popular local car repair search engine in the United States, beginning with Ohio.

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The recently launched Ohio-area service allows consumers to search and compare user-submitted, constantly updated data on local mechanics. Users can search by hourly rate, distance, availability, special offers, and convenience.

According to UpSwell, only 34% of consumers are "always satisfied" with their mechanics. 78% of respondents indicated that fair prices are the single most important thing to them in a car repair shop. Younger consumers were more likely to go to a national chain, but 52% overall preferred a local car repair garage.

Auto Fix Buddy is easy to use, requiring only four steps.

First, car owners select their vehicle's make, model, and year. They can then compare garages by location, rating, pricing, and reviews. Once they’ve selected a shop, they can book a time of their choosing immediately online. Payment is due when the repaired vehicle is picked up from the repair facility.

The service is designed to be a quick and easy process.

Consumers can potentially save thousands of dollars by finding an honest repair technician whom they can trust to charge fair prices. Repair shops gain the opportunity to connect directly with potential customers without the hassle and overhead of advertising. Listing on the site can also generate invaluable repeat business.

The website offers transparent, cost-effective convenience to both parties.

Auto Fix Buddy had been a long-held idea of its founders, but when they discovered demand was both strong and widespread, they made it a reality. The website is the first of its kind in Canada and one of the largest in North America, receiving reports on more than three million mechanics.

A spokesperson for the website: “As the leading source for crowdsourced, real-time auto repair prices at more than three million auto repair shops in the U. S. and Canada, millions of drivers use the Auto Fix Buddy app and website every day to find fair charges in vehicle repairs based on locations, ratings, and reviews.”

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