Inside Jay Lenos Treasure Trove of Collector Cars

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Jay Leno was on the air for decades as one of our favorite late-night talk show hosts. One thing you might not know about Leno is that he is an avid car collector. His net worth is $350 million, and he spends a sizable fraction of that on expensive, rare, and collector cars. He has even teamed up with automakers to make his own specialized vehicles.

Leno’s 136-car collection was valued at $50 million recently, and it’s likely to increase in price as the years go on. He has vehicles that the average car collector can only dream about, and his collection is constantly growing and changing. On this list, you’ll see some of the coolest cars in his garage. 

Jay Leno is a well-known car enthusiast and collector. Over the years, he has amassed an impressive collection of rare and vintage cars. Many of these cars are stored in a large warehouse on his property. This warehouse is like a treasure trove for car enthusiasts, as it contains some of the most valuable and rare cars in the world. Many of these cars have never been shown to the public before.


The warehouse is more than just a storage facility for Leno’s collection. It also serves as a museum for car lovers who are interested in seeing some of Leno’s most prized possessions. He recently shared a video on his YouTube channel with a tour of the huge warehouse. He starts off the tour by explaining that most of the cars in this warehouse are not available for purchase, but are instead for display only. An antique vehicle enthusiast, Leno has been collecting cars for years. He has a passion for the rare and unusual, especially when it comes to vintage vehicles.

He has been collecting cars since he was a kid. After being introduced to the car hobby, Leno began acquiring some of the rarest vehicles in existence. He is a fan of classic cars, especially ones that are no longer made. He has built up a collection of cars that are rare, unusual, and extremely valuable.

In addition to his day job, Leno has been a regular on the "Leno's Garage" show on CNBC since 2006. He has been featured in the book "The Ultimate Guide To Cars". Leno has appeared on CNBC's "America's Most Badass" and "Power Lunch", as well as on Discovery Channel's "Cash Wars".

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