The revolutionary history of Automobile Industry and its rise in the 1900s

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The history of the automobile is very rich and dates back to the 15th century when Leonardo da Vinci was creating designs and models. Though modern automobiles that we see today are the evolution of the products invented by some of the greatest inventors histories has ever seen. Try sometime to research the prominent inventors who contributed the most. 

  1. Karl Benz - Karl Benz, in full Karl Friedrich Benz, was a German engine designer and automotive engineer. The first stationary gasoline engine developed by Karl Benz was a one-cylinder two-stroke unit that ran for the first time in 1879. He was born on November 25, 1844, in Karlsruhe, Baden to Josephine Vaillant and Johann Georg Benz. The brand Mercedes Benz comes after the name of his daughter Mercedes. 
  2. Henry Ford - Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, did not invent the automobile, he didn't even invent the assembly line, but more than any other single individual, he was responsible for transforming the entire automobile industry and changing the future of motor cars. He was born in Springwells Township, Wayne County, Michigan, on 30th July 1863, to Mary and William Ford. 
  3. Étienne Lenoir - The French inventor, Jean-Joseph-Étienne Lenoir was born at Mussy-la-Ville, Belgium, on January 12, 1822. He was a Belgian inventor and engineer considered to be one of the greatest inventors of all time who developed the first usable internal combustion engine. In 1860 J. Etienne Lenoir applied for a patent for a gas engine which then became the first internal combustion engine to be used for practical purposes.
  4. Siegfried Marcus - Siegfried Samuel Marcus was a German inventor and automobile pioneer who built four of the world's earliest gasoline-powered automobiles. He was an exceptionally versatile engineer and inventor who finished his first car claiming to be some 15 years before the better-remembered efforts of Karl Benz. His invention of the combustion-engined automobile revolutionized the transportation that we see today. Marcus was born in a Jewish family in Malchin, in the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. 
  5. Alexander Winton - Alexander Winton was a Scottish-American bicycle, the automobile, and diesel engine designer and inventor. He also was an early automobile racer. At the age of 20, he immigrated to the United States from Scotland in 1878 and contributed to the growth of the American car industry extended to external and internal brakes on the same brake drum. Winton Automobile was recognized as one of America's earliest automobile manufacturers and inventors. 

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