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w mechanic comparison and garage directory listing site has been launched, called Auto Fix Buddy. It helps drivers to find the right service providers for their needs.

Auto Fix Buddy has launched a new directory platform for the automotive industry, providing drivers with a new way to find repair solutions. Mechanic shops and auto repair specialists can use the platform to be seen by drivers across the world.

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The newly launched platform is designed to streamline auto repair and vehicle maintenance for drivers everywhere.

Site visitors just have to enter their vehicle make and location, and they will be paired with the best mechanics in their local area. This makes it easier for drivers to get the help they need with any aspect of their malfunctioning vehicle.

As well as using the powerful search engine to track down the best mechanics near them, drivers can browse based on the issues they’re dealing with.

Auto Fix Buddy allows drivers to find the best garages for windows and windscreens, bodywork, brake adjustment, mobile mechanic work, brake inspections, brake replacement, and general servicing and repair.

The founders of Auto Fix Buddy wanted to create a streamlined, affordable platform that allows drivers to compare the best garages for their requirements. Their online auto repair comparison site is designed to provide clients with the best vehicle repair deals.

It’s a leading source for crowdsourced, real-time auto repair prices. Drivers can use the Auto Fix Buddy app to track down ideal mechanics, compare their services, and browse reviews to ensure they find the best solution.

Auto Fix Buddy uses a simple process to streamline vehicle service comparison. Visitors just have to select their vehicle to compare service and repair quotes online.

The service allows for easier comparison between trusted mechanics based on location, rating or pricing. Drivers can read reviews of over 1,700 workshops and mobile mechanics worldwide.

Once drivers have chosen their preferred mechanic, they can book with ease online. Then they just have to pay on pickup of the vehicle.

A spokesperson for the company states: “We're North America’s leading garage comparison site providing motorists with a quick, easy and transparent way to search for services, compare and book a garage that best suits their needs, based on price, distance, availability, and convenience.”

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