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We're North America's # 1 automotive needs comparison site, giving motorists a fast, easy, and transparent way to search for garages, compare and book in their area, based on an hourly rate, distance, availability, freebies, and convenience. We make sure you get cost-effective, fast, convenient, and excellent customer support from the garage of your choice listed on our platform. Auto-Fix Buddy is an online and mobile platform that connects car owners with trusted mechanics. Getting an honest place to fix your car is diamond tough. We believe that everyone should be able to locate a quality garage without the stress and headache of searching for the right mechanic.


How does Auto Fix Buddy work?

First, As a car owner, the strategy is to use our map of locations to find a location near you. You can also search for any mechanic business by zip code name or city, and be able to write a review with peace of mind after that


Our Mission: to make car repairs easy and affordable

We believe in making Vehicle needs easy and affordable to everyone regardless of your continent, country, city or local area is enough

reason to have been born, hence, the launch of this platform. For most people, cars are a necessary part of life. Not only are they necessary for moving from place to place, but they're also necessary to get to work and back home every day. This is where auto-fix buddy comes into play; to get repairers begging you for your business. With our vast knowledge of car garages, we can provide you with all the information your mechanical needs in order to be returned to its natural driving state. How we make auto repairs easy, affordable, and trustworthy for everyone. We are an easy-to-use platform that lets customers compare prices for different garages. The website lists the different categories in your area. The app also allows customers to build a list of nearby repair centers and receive notifications when their cars are due for maintenance. It takes the guesswork out of choosing which shop to go to by providing customers with unbiased pricing information.

For many people, the thought of taking their autos to a mechanic is terrifying. It can be costly and scary--not to mention time-consuming. Auto-Fix Buddy has been making auto needs comparisons more convenient for drivers with its on-demand mechanics that are ready to go the extra mile in maintaining a good quality of life for your car


Introduction to our app Ever since we started The We have been committed to providing the best customer service and experience possible. We know that when you invest in your car, you want it to last and be safe on the road. That's why we not only offer a variety of transparent comparison filters but the best rating system to enhance your unbeatable experience


Why our app is different from the rest For over 2 years, Auto Fix Buddy has been the go-to vehicle repair comparison platform for

drivers living in any given area. With it, you are able to schedule your routine maintenance and minor repairs on new and used vehicles of all makes and models.


The seven pillars of this marketplace that has been around for over 2 years, Auto Fix Buddy is a leading Vehicle service comparison platform in North America. With this platform, a car owner can contact a repair shop to schedule complete Vehicle maintenance and repairs, which include routine vehicle inspection, brakes, and tune-ups, engine diagnostics, top-tier tires rotation or balancing, and more. Auto-Fix Buddy is committed to the safety and satisfaction of our customers and helping businesses in announcing and social media marketing the expertise of those centers that are a good fit

Register your garage now! Over 3 million other drivers have already done so.


The high cost of car repairs has driven many people to search for an alternative that will provide them with a lower-cost service. The article reviews the car repair marketplace services and how it works, as well as reviews user feedback about this service and its use.


Everyone may need the help of a mechanic at some point, but many lack the knowledge to find one. Auto Fix Buddy is a new organization designed to help people in need of car repairs by connecting them with mechanics in their area who are willing to offer their services at discounted rates. This is an excellent opportunity for people who are working or have limited transportation. Service providers are vetted and only those with proven reliability are hired.

It is near-impossible to find an auto repair shop that doesn't offer at least some other automotive services. These additional services may include oil changes, brake repairs, fuel injections, transmissions, tune-ups, headlight installation, or anything else you can think of. This type of work is typically not cheap, but it does save you the time and stress of spending hours looking for a reliable service provider.


After a car accident, many people find themselves with a sense of dread as they approach their mechanic. Consumers worry about the cost, the quality of the repair, and whether they'll receive good customer service. In recent years, new technology innovators have been coming up with new ways for consumers to get their vehicles repaired without having to go through the hassle of visiting a mechanic shop. Services like CarRepairsMarketplace.

How does it work? We're here to make your car repairs a breeze. By working with our network of vetted, trusted mechanics across the country, we're able to get you the lowest prices and quickest times. Popular car services on the rise are the various marketplace services that ensure you get what you need at a fair price. They help you find mechanics, auto parts stores, and more to help with your service needs. With so many people needing assistance with their cars, these platforms provide a way for everyone to benefit.


Car repairs marketplace services are becoming more and more popular in today's society. The services work by connecting consumers with independent repair technicians. Consumers can use the marketplace to find their nearest repair specialist, compare prices, read reviews, and schedule appointments. This allows consumers to get their repairs done without the hassle of visiting multiple shops.

Sites like these can be helpful for consumers that need less common fixes like timing belt replacements or air conditioning services.