About Us

The founders of Auto Fix Buddy had been thinking about establishing an online auto repair comparison site that caters to the need of the people for years,  They conducted interviews with a lot of people as to the need for such a platform and made a staggering discovery; everyone needs something like this in their area. Hence the genesis and birth of Auto Fix Buddy, its mission is to help consumers avoid paying exaggerating rates for their auto repairs. As the leading source for crowdsourced, real-time auto repair prices at more than 3million auto repair shops in the U.S and Canada, millions of drivers use the AutoFixBuddy app and website every day to find fair charges in vehicle repairs based on, locations, ratings, and reviews. AutoFixBuddy is the first-of-its-kind vehicle repair savings platform in Canada and of course, one of the best in North America, AutoFixBuddy saved Canadians and Americans lots of money since its launch.